Conversations On Religion & Culture Reconvenes

Conversations in Religion and Culture
will reconvene at 4:00 pm on Sunday, September 29 in the Undercroft. We have taken a long hiatus since our last meeting at the end of April. Participation had been dwindling and I wondered if the program had run its course, as programs often do. I decided to wait for Fr. Michael’s arrival and get his thoughts. I’ve met with him and we agreed to proceed, but with a change in format: We will gather on September 29th for both a potluck and some discussion. Eating together is always healthy, and it may enliven our discussion as well. Fr. Michael will join us and bring a pot as well.

One proviso: it is not necessary for you to bring a pot in order to participate. Potlucks always have more food than can be eaten. So, if you want to participate, but can’t or are not inclined to bring a pot, come anyhow. You will be heartily welcome. Your company and your thoughts will be your ticket of admission.

So, we will reconvene “Conversations in Religion and Culture” on Sunday, September 29 in the Undercroft. I am noodling on two possible topics: “Incivility in an Era of Hostility,” and “The Morality/Immorality of the American Form of Capitalism.” If you have any druthers on those two, or want to suggest another, please weigh in at

I am inclined to still start at 4:00 pm. I realize that is early for a Sunday meal, but that time would allow us to eat, discuss, and still get out at a decent hour. I am open to your thoughts about the time as well.

I look forward to us finally getting together again with the rector joining us as well.

Jack Bowers

Lara Benschoter