Labor Day's Shortfall

Monday, September 2, we commemorate Labor Day to thank all our workers in America. As we celebrate them this year, note that Ohio unemployment has dropped to less than half of its post-recession peak, yet poverty and hunger persist in Ohio including Licking County. Many of the new jobs in recent times are low wage and/or part time and/or temporary in nature. As a result, even many of our employed people cannot make enough from their wages to put adequate food on the table for their families. Consider this disturbing statistic:

One in four Ohio families with children did not have enough money to buy food at some point in the past twelve months.

Thus, our Mission at Market Street Pantry is just as important if not more important than ever. Even with the food shipments we have coming regularly from the Food Pantry Network’s warehouse, we still run out of food items. Help us fill that basket in the back of the Church. Bring tuna fish, peanut butter and other canned items such as meats, vegetables, fruits and soups.

To join the ranks of Market Street Volunteers, contact Mary Lucas-Miller at

Market Street Pantry

Lara Benschoter