Market Street Pantry In November

Festivities and traditions related to what we know as Thanksgiving started hundreds of years ago and have spread to many countries over time. These celebrations have historically honored the bringing in of the harvest. Prayers of Thanks would typically be offered, and a very large meal shared by all. In our own country, the Thanksgiving holiday also honors the Pilgrims and Puritans coming together to offer their thanks at Plymouth, Massachusetts in the year 1621.

November is a gratifying time and a very busy time for St. Lukes Members. We are eagerly preparing for the Turkey Trot race while simultaneously organizing our own family gatherings for Thanksgiving. Thus, we have established a bountiful St Lukes tradition of funding food for the hungry in our community and enjoying a holiday meal with our families on the same day. Hard to imagine a more meaningful combination.

With SNAP food stamp benefits being a paltry $1.40 per person per meal, let’s remember those who go hungry in our prayers.

For information about the program and volunteering, contact Mary Lucas-Miller:

Lara Benschoter