Saturday Evening Service To Start Soon

On Saturday evening, October 19th, St. Luke’s Church will begin a fourth weekend service- a 5:00 pm Eucharist with healing. This particular service will be simple and contemplative. There will be soft piano music, a sermon, healing prayers and anointing with oil, and then holy communion. This is a service that I began in West Hampton Beach as a summer offering. But it was so well received that we just kept offering it throughout the program year. So why on earth should St. Luke’s have a healing mass? Well, for one thing, we all need healing of some kind. There are all kinds of maladies in this life. There are the physical ailments that we all know about. But there are also spiritual and emotional ones as well. And you might not know this but one of the sacraments of the church is healing. And we would be remiss as a congregation if we were not to offer healing to everyone who would like it. And even though you might be a regular attender of one of the three services on Sunday morning, I would encourage everyone to come to at least one healing mass to experience our liturgy in a different way. In addition, given the general busyness of this life, I’m sure that there are many Sundays when you might have something you have to attend. The Saturday evening service will give you yet another chance to come to St. Luke’s to be fed with the spiritual food we all need.  I have faith that this beautiful little service will find a niche here at St. Luke’s and be a part of our piety for a long time to come. Come and experience it for yourself. You might even find that 5 pm on Saturdays is a great time to be in church. There is healing and refreshment to be found here. And I am happy to offer it to all. 

God bless and I’ll see you at church, 
Fr. Michael 

Lara Benschoter