October Parish News

Oktoberfest Success!

A big thank you to Bruce Westall, Kristen Circle, Geoff Wilson and Dixon Miller for organizing last month’s Oktoberfest – soon to be a St. Luke’s tradition. There was great food, music and fellowship!

St. Luke’s welcomes John (Jack) and Susan Otter!  The Otters moved here from Savannah, Georgia and reside in the Village of Granville. (To be close to their son, Bob (Lee) Otter & family) Jack is retired from the Network TV production and Sales/ Advertising business and Susan the fashion industry.  Both were extremely active in their previous Episcopal parishes: St. James, New York and St. Peter’s in Savannah, GA. You can welcome them at the 9:15 am service!

Bob Otter, the Co-founder and CEO of citizenAID filmed a video in and around St. Luke’s Church this past summer with Lacey Newman, citizenAID’s National Ambassador, and a Route 91 Las Vegas Festival Survivor.  citizenAID enables the general public to be effective during life-threatening situations before emergency services are available to provide professional medical support. https://vimeo.com/344830511

Kayce Potter became a big brother to new baby sister Hannah Marie Potter! We welcome the birth of Hannah, daughter of Hank and Sarah Potter.  Hannah was born last year on November 10.

Member Directory Update… Please follow the directions here on how to access the updated online member directory.

Lara Benschoter