Episcopal Service Corps

Are you a recent college grad or young adult considering a career change? Do you desire to integrate your faith into all aspects of life?

Spend a year in Columbus fighting for justice with the Confluence Year Episcopal Service Corps, working for a local social service organization, living in intentional community in a home in Franklinton, serving with Saint John’s Episcopal ministry in an impoverished neighborhood wrestling with gentrification, and discerning your vocation!

Confluence Year is accepting applications for the 2019-20 year. Our next DEADLINE is THURSDAY JUNE 6TH! Confluence is open and inclusive, and anyone of any faith may apply, as this program is shaped primarily by the Christian faith as expressed by the Episcopal Church. CLICK HERE TO APPLY!

Corps members receive room, board, personal stipend, transportation stipend, and excellent health benefits. 

Visit https://confluenceyear.org/about/ or email Program Director, Diana McCullough for more information!

Rev. Craig Foster
Deacon, St. John's Episcopal Church


Lara Benschoter