Market Street Pantry

Six Years and a Cloud of Dust

Hard to believe but it’s been six years since we started Market Street Pantry. The good news is the program is still going strong. The bad news is the program is still going strong. While the economy is better for many, there are still a lot of working families who can’t put enough food on the table. Our pantry volunteers are the stars of this show. If you become one you will make a real difference in people’s lives. We live in a country that throws away 30% to 40% of its food supply, yet millions of Americans do not consistently get full and nutritious meals.

What’s the problem? The recipe can include:

  • People who often can’t afford it. Many who work full time aren’t paid enough to properly feed their families even if they receive SNAP benefits. ($126/month).

  • They can’t get to it. Many poor people live in “food deserts” – areas with limited or no access to fresh produce and other nutritious food. Many also don’t have transportation.

  • They don’t buy healthy food. Many low-income shoppers feel they should buy only the cheapest foods, or they don’t know how they can get healthy food.

So, food pantries like Market Street Pantry are important sources of nutritious food for their clients and maybe the only source for many.  

Join us and help make that real difference in people’s lives!

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Outreach Chair

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