Task Force Ministry

Task Force Ministry Opportunities

As many parishioners heard at the Annual meeting during Rev. Westfall’s annual address, six task forces are being formed to help St. Luke’s address some of its current challenges.  It is hoped that each task force will have 5 or 6 people, that each task force will have its own individual charge for its work, and that the task forces will need to collaborate with one another in order to meet their goals.  Parishioners with all different skill sets are needed for these groups. Please prayerfully consider what role you might play in moving St. Luke’s forward. Please contact Rev. Westfall if you are interested in serving in these important ministries. doris@stlukesgranville.org

  1. Long-term Financial Planning Task Force

This task force will look at long-term financial planning strategies, options, and rationales with the goals of reducing St. Luke’s deficit and indebtedness. It will also develop three-year planning strategies to increase St. Luke’s financial reserves.  This is not developing the 2020 budget, but the task force will be making recommendations to the Finance Committee and Rector to be considered in that planning.

  1. Fundraising Task Force

This task force will develop programs and events focused on raising additional operating income for St. Luke’s.  

  1. Facilities Task Force

This task force will take a detailed look at our campus and make recommendations for improving efficiencies. This could cover everything from looking at ways to reduce energy costs to examination of space utilization, contracts review, and long-term maintenance projects.

  1. Marketing Task Force

This task force will address how St. Luke’s presents itself and its story to the community outside its doors.  It will recommend methods and procedures for increasing St. Luke’s visibility in the community as well as increasing its social media presence.

  1. Membership Engagement Task Force

This task force will address both newcomer and member needs and will examine how we can better address reaching out to seekers and others in the community as well as how we can integrate people and their gifts for ministry into the life of the parish.

  1. Stewardship Task Force

This task force will address developing a culture of generosity and stewardship as a major core value and spiritual discipline for the congregation.

Robin Whittington