Adult Education February News

St. Luke's

Adult Christian Education

February 2019

Coffee: Grounds for Discussion

“Grounds for Discussion” meets in the Undercroft each Sunday morning during the program year between the 9:15 and 11:00 am services.  Past sessions have hosted a variety of speakers both from St. Luke’s clergy, the broader community of Granville, and organizations within central Ohio.  Coffee and light refreshments are provided. Members of the congregation are invited to volunteer as presenters or to suggest speakers whom they would like to hear.  

February 3, 2019

Annual Parish Meeting – No classes

February 10, 2019

A Visit to the Holy Land

Deacon Mary Raysa

Join Deacon Mary as she shares her recent pilgrimage through the Holy Land and share the special places and events which gave her new insights and appreciation of our Christians roots. She will also share stories of the Palestinian-Israeli relationship, visits to ancient Petra in Jordan and to the Syrian border. You won’t want to miss this program.

February 17, 2019

Meet in the Middle

February 24, 2019

We'll Always Have Bananas

Sally McClaskey

Sally will share her experience in Puerto Rico, one year after Hurricane Maria devastated the island. The eight-day trip last fall was a cultural immersion initiative with her colleagues, 4-H youth development professionals from across Ohio. She'll share her encounter with church volunteers, families, farmers, business owners and youth workers, and the resiliency they maintained in the aftermath of the hurricane.

St. Luke's Book Club

February 20. 2019, 7:00 pm


Stephen Brill

In this revelatory narrative covering the years 1967 to 2017, Steven Brill gives us a stunningly cogent picture of the broken system at the heart of our society. He shows us how, over the last half-century, America's core values--meritocracy, innovation, due process, free speech, and even democracy itself--have somehow managed to power its decline into dysfunction. The result has been an erosion of responsibility and accountability, an epidemic of shortsightedness, an increasingly hollow economic and political center, and millions of Americans gripped by apathy and hopelessness.

Robin Whittington