Worship at St. Luke’s

Worship at St. Luke’s unites our community in celebration of the Creator, Son and Holy Spirit. Members worship in ways that personally resonate with them in three unique Sunday services. We are a warm and friendly community that enjoys each other, draws strength and meaning from the services, and relishes the opportunity to worship together. The average overall weekly attendance at Sunday services is 120-130. Educational opportunities for children and adults occur between the 9:15 and 11 a.m. services.


  • The 8 a.m. service is Rite I, celebrated without musical accompaniment. A stalwart and dedicated group of between 15 - 20 people gather for the 8 a.m. service, which is characterized by a community that greets each other in an enthusiastic and extended passing of the peace. Typically, the priest serves unaccompanied at the altar, though a chalicist has served in the past. A lector reads the lessons and the Prayers of the People.

  • The 9:15 a.m. service is Rite II, oriented for families with children, though people of all ages attend. The 9:15 service is celebrated with music supported by the organist, and the congregation is heartily and joyfully engaged in singing the hymns. The priest offers a children’s sermon to the appreciation of all. A crucifer, chalicist, and two acolytes serve. The Choristers Choir sings at this service at least once per month. A lector reads the lesson and leads the Prayers of the People and the lessons of the day are the foundation for the Sunday School program. The average attendance of this service is 55-60

  • The 11 a.m. Rite II service is the most formal of the three services. The Adult Choir sings at this service, sometimes accompanied by the Choristers Choir. The congregation joins in robust singing of hymns, and the Choir leads the Psalms and the Anthem. Occasionally members of the community offer additional music. A crucifer and chalicist serve, and a lector reads the lessons and leads the Prayers of the People. This service is generally attended by adults of all ages. The average attendance is 55.

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