Market Street Pantry

Jesus The All-Giving Volunteer

The real legacy and accomplishment of volunteering for our Market Street Pantry is the volunteer’s commemoration of Jesus serving Mankind. He served us with his suffering and by giving his life to atone for our sins. Jesus’ sacrificial example and exhortation to us is to serve our sisters and brothers in need. Specifically, to give to the poor and feed the hungry. Volunteering for our pantry enables one to join an effort uniquely beneficial to many. The program has impressive attributes:

Generosity – by both volunteers and clients (“I only take what I need”).

Stewardship – pursuing a mission for humanity.

Life-sustaining – food is necessary for the client’s survival.

Feeds the children – giving them the strength they need to learn and grow.

Please come and see what we mean firsthand.

To learn more, contact Mary Lucas-Miller:

Lara Benschoter