The Altar Guild is responsible for all sacred vessels, sanctuary appointments, altar linens, candles, bread (gluten free wafers are provided), wine, and all necessary support services such as the upkeep of the Sacristy, cleaning the brass and linens, and preparing the linens each week.

Responsibilities include all weekly services, all holiday services, baptisms, weddings, funerals and any other special services. In addition to preparing for the worship services, the Altar Guild holds seasonal work days. The work days are designed for polishing the brass and silver, and decorating for Advent, Christmas, Lent and Holy Week.

The Altar Guild consists of five volunteer teams, each team serving one week each month.

For more information contact Michelann Scheetz, (614) 561-6681.


August 2019 What’s Happening & Lay Ministry Schedule

To participate in Lay Ministry functions below, contact (740) 587-0167.

  • Chalicist

  • Ushers

  • Greeter

  • Reader

  • Crucifer

  • Server

  • Torch Bearer

  • Oblations Bearer

  • Coffee Hour