Parish Administration

Both paid professional staff and volunteer lay leaders support the everyday business of the parish.  In addition, a cadre of volunteer lay leaders serve internal ministries of the parish, and outreach programs that serve the larger community. The Rector directs the professional staff and works closely with the lay leaders. Rector and staff offices are located in St. Luke’s Parish House.


  • Our Parish Administrator coordinates our Parish events and calendar, and oversees publications (the service bulletins and our monthly newsletter), Parish records and bookkeeping, leases, and hospitality.

  • Our Director of Christian Education is responsible for infant through high school programming.

  • Our Director of Music and Choristers Choirmaster manages and directs both the adult choir and St. Luke’s music program for children ages seven to sixteen.

  • Our Director of Music handles all the music selections for the services.

  • Our Organist coordinates organ voluntaries with the Director of Music.

  • St. Luke’s employs a number of additional part-time, paid, professional staff including our Financial Administrator, Communications Specialist, Systems Administrator, Information Technologist, and Sexton.


St. Luke’s Vestry consists of twelve members who meet monthly to discuss and assist the Rector with Parish business. Vestry members liaise with specific ministries (e.g. Outreach, Fellowship, Worship). The Rector works closely with the vestry and, in particular, the Senior Warden, Junior Warden, and Clerk.  

Volunteer lay leaders assume major responsibility for our ministries —both internal and to the larger community. These ministries include Outreach, Historic Preservation, Building & Grounds, Membership, Lay Worship Ministries, Altar Guild, Stewardship and our Health and Wellness Ministry.

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