A congregation engaging with organizations and community groups, locally and globally, whose goals match the priorities of the St. Luke’s community, and to provide financial, spiritual and volunteer support to help them succeed in helping the children of God.



St. Luke’s is a faithful community dedicated to providing compassionate and caring support for one another as Christ loves and cares for us. We do so through caring relationships, attentiveness to parishioners’ pastoral needs, assisting and nurturing members in times of crisis and transition, and striving to maintain a connection with all members of our church family, especially the homebound, elderly, infirm, physically and emotionally challenged.


We seek to help all parishioners see themselves as active partners in the mission and ministry of the church.

We believe that each member has spiritual gifts to offer. Our goal in this ministry is to educate, organize, and empower members of St. Luke’s who feel called to this ministry to provide pastoral care by accepting and preparing for the responsibilities of laity to care for each other.

It is our belief that during times of health crisis, life’s transitions, and difficult times, a caring relationship with someone who will faithfully listen, empathize, pray with and for them, and encourage them with Christ’s love and care can make a difference in the lives of both givers an receivers.

We strive to serve others as we are all called to do in our Baptismal vows. We believe that in serving others, we serve Christ himself.

We believe that lay ministry pastoral care can supplement the pastoral care provided by clergy and provide for the needs of those whose care may go unmet. This allows clergy to more fully address other pastoral crises, do hospital and surgical visitations, and meet immediate personal and spiritual needs of members of the parish.

We recognize that some prefer to have pastoral care provided only by the clergy, and we will offer each parishioner the opportunity to indicate whether or not they wish to be served by these lay ministries.

We believe in the ministry of presence, selfless listening support, and the importance of staying connected through this ministry of connection. We are committed to the well being of our members.