August 20, 2019

The Episcopal Dioceses of Southern Ohio
St. Luke's Church Granville, Ohio
Call Meeting of the Vestry

DATE: August 20, 2019
PRESENT: Father Michael Ralph, Michelann Scheetz, Pat Ford, Wendy Flowers, Karen Dowdy-Fullin, Brad Koehler, Barb Mighton, Wayne Piper, Liz Barringer-Smith, Geoff Wilson and Kim Zaborniak
EXCUSED: Galen Kendrick, Patty Myers
GUESTS: Bruce Westall

Prayer Concerns
Requests were made to remember those who are recovering from surgery as well as those who are receiving nursing care. Concerns were also raised for those who are facing multiple health problems. Requests were made to pray for the children, teens and young adults who are returning to school and those who are serving as their teachers. Special emphasis was placed on prayers that they all have a safe year.

Opening Prayer
Father Michael shared readings from the daily devotions in the Book of Common Prayer and from II Corinthians. Father Michael led the Vestry in prayer and in the Lord's Prayer.

Quorum Declared
Vestry convened at 7:03 pm and a quorum was declared. Michelann Scheetz, Senior Warden, thanked the members for rescheduling this meeting of the Vestry so that Father Michael could participate.

Approval of Minutes
Prior to this meeting Kim Zaborniak had offered three corrections to the July, 2019 Minutes. The July Minutes were corrected, and the corrected minutes were sent out to the Vestry members.

It was moved by Geoff Wilson and seconded by Michelann Scheetz that the minutes of the July 9, 2019 meeting be approved with the corrections. The motion passed unanimously with no abstentions.

New Agenda Item
Michelann Scheetz welcomed Bruce Westall to the meeting. At the July meeting it was recommended that Kim Zaborniak invite Bruce to the meeting and/or ask him to provide a report to the Vestry regarding the upcoming Oktoberfest.

Bruce reported that the Oktoberfest, which is a new activity for our church, will be held onSaturday, September 14, 2019. He noted, “This is not a fund raiser, it is a FUN raiser”. It will takeplace in the Undercroft and Opera House Park (tent in the park). Various responsibilities are divided among church members. By example, Geoff Wilson is handing the menu (three kinds of wurst) and Dixon Miller will make sure we are authentic. The beverages will include sodas, water and German beer. The event will take place from 4:00 – 9:00 pm and children are welcome. The goal for this first year is seventy-five (75) participants. The plan is to have the food outside and the beverages in the Undercroft. Bruce stressed that any adult beverages can only be in the Undercroft and cannot be taken outside.

The planners hope to have music although there was a recent set back in that the scheduled accordion player cannot come. A tuba player will be there and a replacement for the accordion player was suggested.

The Vestry had questions about how we would ensure that visitors walking by would know that the event was not being promoted to the general public. Several ideas were suggested such as selling tickets at the door, using wrist bands and placing signs that said, “Private Event”. The planning groupwill decide which things will be implemented. It was noted several times that any adult beverages must remain in the Undercroft and Michelann asked all Vestry members to help ensure that this rule is followed.

The Vestry thanked Bruce for coordinating this new activity and for coming and sharing the information with the Vestry.

Items for Vestry Approval

Rector's Housing Allowance

Michelann Scheetz briefly described the housing allowance which is traditionally acted upon by the Vestry. This action is needed because St. Luke's does not provide a parsonage for the Rector and the Rector's family.

It was moved by Pat Ford and seconded by Geoff Wilson that the Vestry approve a housing allowance for Father Michael Ralph and his family in the amount of forty-five thousand dollars ($45,000) per year. The motion passed unanimously with no abstentions and is presented in the formal wording below.

Whereas, Section 107 of the Internal Revenue Code permits a minister of the gospel to exclude from gross income (in computing federal income taxes) a church-designated allowance paid to him as part of his compensation to the extent used by him for actual expenses in owning or renting a home; and

Whereas, the Reverend Michael Ralph is compensated by St. Luke’s Church exclusively forservices as a minister of the gospel; and

Whereas, St. Luke’s Church does not provide Fr. Michael Ralph with a rectory, therefore, it is hereby

RESOLVED, that $ 45,000 of the total compensation paid to Fr. Michael Ralph for calendar year 2019 is hereby designated to be a housing allowance; and it is further

RESOLVED, that the designation of $ 45,000 as a housing allowance for Fr. Michael Ralph shall apply to calendar year 2019 and all future years unless otherwise provided.

Regular Business

Senior Warden's Report
Michelann Scheetz began her report by again saying how pleased she is to have Father Michael as our new Rector. This month her focus has been to prepare for his arrival and ensuring that everything is in place. She also noted that she has accepted a position with a new firm.

Michelann distributed copies of the “Calendar for August 2019 through July 2020”, that wasdeveloped by Dagny Gelormo. The calendar includes many of the key dates throughout the program year. Everyone is encouraged to contact Dagny with all additional items for the calendar.

Junior Warden's Report
Wayne Piper noted that the repairs to the front porch and the eave on the SW corner of the church have been completed. To the best of his knowledge, this completes the list of minor building repairs.

Wayne reported that Bill Wilken is working with a contractor to refurbish the Sacristy and that a draft proposal for a Buildings and Grounds Committee has been sent to Mark Moller, the Chair of the Building and Grounds Committee. Mark is working on a spreadsheet designed to track projects and progress on them. Wayne added that the garden folks have been diligently watering and grooming the gardens both in front and behind the church. Wayne concluded by reminding all that we will be ringing St. Luke's bell this Sunday at 3:00 pm in recognition of the 400th anniversary of enslaved people being brought to the United States. All are invited to participate.

Vestry Liaison Reports

Geoff Wilson reported that work is continuing to address the sound problems in the Undercroft. Sound panels, covered in fabric will be installed. A new challenge is that some of the sound proofing material is thicker than anticipated. Once the new material is received, the process should move quickly. A question arose regarding the need for all materials to be in compliance with the fire code. Geoff will double check to ensure that the materials would pass the fire inspection. The goal is to have the panels installed before the Oktoberfest (09-14-2019).

Kim Zaborniak reported that the Fellowship Committee now has six (6) members (in July there were no members). Dagny Gelormo, who has extensive experience in coordinating fellowship events, will again be serving on the committee. One of the tasks of the committee is to recruit parish members to assist as events occur.

Liz Barringer-Smith distributed copies of the Church School schedule for September through December 2019. On the reverse side of the sheet was a listing of notes, dates and information relating to children, youth and family activities (such as Family Game Night Dates) and events (such as Safe Church Training).

Karen Dowdy-Fullin shared that Sunday, August 25 is the birth date of one of St. Luke's more noted members, Robbins Hunter. The insert in the bulletin will have some historic information about the man who served as our Junior Warden for 33 years and there will be a bouquet of flowers in the Narthex in celebration of this special day.

It was reported that Diana Wilson is continuing to work of the membership directory and there are only thirty (30) families left to respond. By running the printed copies of the directory at Denison we will be able to greatly reduce the cost per copy. This year we have five or six students who will begin their freshman year of college and we will again be doing “care packages” for them. Plans are also being developed to do a luncheon for the choral scholars in the Undercroft. The Wise Women will have their next event on October 4, 2019 and the focus will be on packaging baby products.

Michelann Scheetz noted that the Altar Guild could use a few additional members. Anyone interested in serving such contact Michelann. Members serve just one Sunday a month.

New Business

Michelann Scheetz sent out the financial reports, for July 2019, electronically prior to the meeting. Included in her transmission was the Executive Summary, the Balance Sheet, and the Income and Expense Statements. It was noted on the Executive Summary that as of the end of July we have completed 58.3 % of the fiscal year. Michelann reported that Dixon Miller, Treasurer, is out of town, but will be at the September meeting. She asked if there were any concerns or questions about any of the information in the reports and reminded all members, as they serve in their role as liaisons, to encourage all committees to closely monitor their expenses.

It was moved by Wayne Piper and seconded by Liz Barringer-Smith that the financial reports be accepted as presented. The motion was unanimously approved with no abstentions.


The members of the Vestry discussed the first service with our new Rector, Father Michael and the potluck that followed the service. Many positive comments were shared. Pat Ford noted that he was honored to serve as the Chalice Bearer and several people commented about the great attendance. Toquote one of the members, “It was a fun day – we needed that”.

Father Michael shared that he likes to be in the office in the mornings. He also noted that he now has an e-mail address through the church –

Upcoming meetings include a meeting of the Long-Term Financial Planning Task Force on August 25 and Father Michael will meet with Dagny Gelormo and Wayne Piper to begin discussions about Pastoral Care. Planning for Pastoral Care will take place when Deacon Mary Raysa has returned.

Old Business
Please see the report on the upcoming Oktoberfest

The meeting closed with Father Michael offering a blessing.

The meeting adjourned at 7:55 pm.

Looking Forward
September 10 - Vestry meeting 7:00 pm
September 15 - Return to three services/Program Year begins
September 14 - Oktoberfest

Respectfully submitted,
Dave Proctor,
Clerk of the Vestry

Lara Benschoter