June 20, 2019 Minutes

The Episcopal Dioceses of Southern Ohio
St. Luke's Church Granville, Ohio
Call Meeting of the Vestry 

Date: June 20, 2019
Present: Michelann Scheetz, Karen Dowdy-Fullin, Galen Kendrick, Brad Koehler, Barb Mighton, Wayne Piper, Liz Barringer-Smith, Geoff Wilson and Kim Zaborniak
Excused: Pat Ford, Wendy Flowers and Patty Myers

Prayer Concerns 
Michelann Scheetz, Senior Warden, asked if there were any special prayer concerns that members wished to share. Concerns were raised about families who have lost loved ones, families having health issues and support for those who are in therapy. 

Opening Prayer 
Wayne Piper opened the meeting with a prayer. 

Quorum Declared
Vestry convened at 7:00 pm and a quorum was declared.

Approval of Minutes
Michelann Scheetz asked if there were any additions, deletions or corrections to the minutes from the May 14, 2019, vestry meeting. Two changes were noted. Under the Transitional Priest in Charge Report, the first sentence of the second paragraph should include “%” after the “20” so that the sentence would read, “... and attendance (a 20% drop in both is not unusual)”. Under “Staffing, Committees and Program”, the end of the fourth paragraph should read, “ September 29  and December 29 .”

It was moved by Geoff Wilson and seconded by Barbara Mighton that the minutes of the May 9, 2019 minutes be approved with the addition and the corrections as noted above. The motion passed unanimously with no abstentions. 

Regular Business

Senior Warden's Report
Michelann Scheetz began her report by noting that her family has been very busy this past  month. Her oldest son, Tom, graduated from High School and has gone to state, regional and national competitions. She thanked the Vestry for their support and prayers for her nephew and his family. 

Michelann reported that she and Wayne Piper, Junior Warden, will continue to meet weekly. Their meetings are scheduled for 7:00 pm on Tuesdays at the Parish House. She stressed that all Vestry members are welcome to attend these meeting. She noted that she is working to keep everything moving in a constructive direction and that Wayne is picking up on specific areas. 

Michelann reported that the loan from the Diocese of Southern Ohio was received, and this allowed our parish to pay off the higher interest loan which we had through Park National Bank. Michelann cautioned all that we still need to be concerned about our budget and finances. 

Before concluding her report, Michelann opened the floor for any questions, comments or concerns. 

Junior Warden's Report
Wayne Piper began his report by noting the painting of the church is completed. He noted that there have been many positive comments on its fresh new look. Thanks goes to Shelly Morehead and Michelann for their work in getting this major project accomplished. The repair work has been completed on a couple minor projects on the Parish House: gutter on the south side of the building reattached and resealing counter flashing on the northwest wall. The work was done by Mickey's Roofing. Contractors are lined up to repair the hole in the crown molding on the southwest corner of the church and to even up the pavers on the front porch of the church. 

Wayne reported that Energility has submitted a 17-page report on ways to improve energy use at St. Luke's. This was a company that Doris recommended. Some “fixes” are relatively simple; others are very expensive and, at least for the time being, out of our price range. He also shared that the Village Fire Inspector was on premise in April and left a “to-do” list of several items that require correction for St. Luke's to follow village safety standards. Wayne distributed copies of the list of items (titled CORRECTIONS @ ST. LUKE'S – Required as a result of April 28, 2019 Inspection) which were not in compliance. All the items on the list have been attended to, and he is working with the fire marshal for a time when he can return, and they can do a walk through together. Special thanks to Dagny for all her help in bringing us into compliance.

The last item on which Wayne report was to update the Vestry regarding sound abatement in the Undercroft. Chris Lucas-Miller wrote I followed up with my coworker who has been in contact with the acoustic engineer. He said the engineer was not as helpful as I wanted and wouldn’t give a specific recommendation as to what panels we should use and where to put them. He suggested that we could do just about anything. Some ideas he did have were to create some mobile fabric wrapped sound panels and some hanging fabric wrapped sound baffles called sound stones and move them around the space especially in the corners until we got the STC that we wanted. He also suggested that we could purchase products from acoustic curtains to curved panel systems to acoustic ceiling tiles to control the sound.

Wayne added that since we have the money for the material as well as the frames, he is  suggesting that material be purchased, mounted on frames, and placed in the Undercroft. He has sent e-mails to Chris Lucas-Miller, Steve Mighton, and Mark Moller as well as Geoff encouraging them to move forward with this project in a timely way.

In the discussion that followed regarding the sound abatement it was noted that Geoff and Steve will work together, and that Steve may also have a person who could help. Some of the goals are to ensure that the mounted panels are unobtrusive and provide flexibility in their placement throughout the area. It is likely that the new panels will be thinner than the panels which were loaned to us. At some point we may want to also consider doing something on the ceiling.

At the end of his report Wayne added that the Parish House will be open after the Vestry meeting and asked all to check and make sure that they have removed everything that is in their mailbox. 

Committee Reports

Knowing that she would not be able to attend the Vestry meeting, Patty Meyer sent Barb Mighton her Membership Committee  report, which Barb shared. In her report Patty noted that she and Diana Wilson are working on the on-line directory, and that Diana is doing an amazing job of determining the functionality of the on-line program. They have been meeting to work on how the directory will be accessed and what members will view with regards to their pictures and directory information. Patty noted that a lot of editing is needed and that the work on the directory will be an ongoing process throughout the summer. Patty noted that Diana has graciously accepted the responsibility of being the Directory Administrator. The goal is to have the directory updated as much as possible and as accurately as it can be by the time Father Michael arrives in mid-August. 

One of the goals of the new directory is to make access a simple click from the website. Members will not be able to access the on-line directory without having their log-in e-mail address already on file. The committee will be discussing outreach to specific groups in 2019/20 such as Choral Scholars and young families. 

Geoff Wilson provided some background on the membership directory. He noted that parish members have been updated about the process and their need to respond via e-mail blasts. He noted that there are 134 unique individual family/groups in the system. He added that if a member does not have an e-mail address, they can still be in the directory but would not be able to access the directory online. 

Historic Preservation
Karen Dowdy-Fullin reported that the Historic Preservation Committee does not meet in June, July and August. The members of the committee are using the summer months to review and organize the materials that are stored in the cabinets and boxes. 

New Business

Budget update
Copies of the Balance Sheet (May 2019) and Income and Expenses Statements (May 2019) were distributed. Michelann recommended that any questions or concerns that arise from the review of these reports be sent to her and she will get answers and/or additional information from either         Patty Hussey or Dixon Miller. It was recommended that we request that Dixon Miller or Richard Warren attend the July Vestry meeting, and it was noted that the end of June will mark the end of the second quarter of the budget year. 

It was moved by Wayne Piper and seconded by Kim Zaborniak that the financial reports as of May 2019 be accepted as presented. The motion carried unanimously with no abstentions. 

Confirming Vestry Liaison Assignments
Wayne Piper distributed a listing of the St. Luke's Committees and Vestry Assignments. In the discussion that followed, the list was revised and updated. It was noted that three of the committees to which Vestry members serve as liaisons do not have committee chairs. This creates a challenge in trying to serve as a liaison. It was also noted that the standing committees are different from the Task Force Groups and some Vestry members serve as both a liaison to a standing committee as well as members of a Task Force. It was requested that the Vestry also receive a listing of the members of each Task Force. 

The Vestry also discussed Safe Church training. It was noted that the training would be of value to every Vestry member and that the course is now available on-line. More information about the Safe Church training will be forthcoming. 

Reflections on Visioning Sessions
The Vestry discussed the recent Visioning Session that was held on the campus of Denison University and lead by Jean Schelhorn. The attendance was good, and it was obvious that a lot of preparation had gone into the planning for the afternoon. Concerns were raised about the length of the meeting and the need for providing childcare. Some participants felt that less time might have been devoted to the history of the church. 

It was noted that several new ideas were generated as well as some discussion about returning to some things which were done in the past. Some of the ideas that were generated through the session may not need to go through the standing committees, task forces or the Vestry and can be initiated by the efforts of the parishioners. It was noted that several people signed up to be involved in specific areas that were identified as the group's highest priorities. The Vestry discussed the value and challenges of having the session prior to the arrival of our new priest and noted that it is very important that Father Ralph be given time to settle into his role as our new rector. 

It was noted that Jean also offered a second visioning session in the Parish House for those who were unable to participate in the meeting at Denison. Michelann Scheetz and Wayne Piper will meet with the planners to discuss next steps. 

Welcoming Father Michael and His Family
Father Michael Ralph's first Sunday at St. Luke's Church will be August 18. His installation by Bishop Breidenthal will take place sometime after he has arrived. 

The Vestry talked about possible ways to celebrate Father Ralph's arrival. Many options were put forward such as having a Meet-In-The-Middle on the 18 after the 8:00 am service or after the 10:00 am service or after both services. Another idea put forth was to have a picnic in Opera House Park after the 10:00 am service. If we were to do this we would need to reserve the park and possibly rent a tent. The Vestry discussed possibly having the food in the Undercroft and the gathering in the park. All agreed that it was important to discuss any of the proposed plans with Father Michael. 

Michelann asked the Vestry to consider what might be most appropriate course of action and bring their ideas to the July meeting. 

It was noted that the next fifth Sunday service, the dates on which we have only one service, will occur on the last Sunday in June. 

Old Business
There was no additional old business to come before the Vestry
Karen Dowdy-Fullin offered a prayer at the closing of the meeting 

The meeting adjourned at 8:05 pm

Looking Forward
June 30 Visit of Bishop Breidenthal 
July 4 Office closed
July 9 Next Vestry meeting – 7:00 pm

Lara Benschoter