April 9, 2019 Minutes

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The Episcopal Dioceses of Southern Ohio St. Luke's Church Granville, Ohio Vestry Meeting Minutes

April 9, 2019
Rev. Doris Westfall, Michelann Scheetz, Pat Ford, Karen Dowdy-Fullin, Brad Koehler, Barb Mighton, Patty Myers, Wayne Piper,
Liz Barringer-Smith, Geoff Wilson and Kim Zaborniak
Galen Kendrick and Wendy Flowers

Prayer Concerns

The Vestry member shared the names of those whom they would like to have remembered in the opening prayer. The names included those who are facing serious illness, recovering from an injury, those traveling and those whose lives are starting down new pathways.

Opening Prayer

Rev. Doris Westfall opened the Vestry meeting in prayer.

Quorum Declared - Vestry convened at 7:05 pm and a quorum was declared.

Approval of Minutes for the regular meeting.
After careful review, there were two corrections to the March 12, 2019 minutes. The first, on

page 1 under Request to Install a Memorial Bench; in the second sentence the “e” is missing from the first word, “The”. The second correction is under Financial Report. In the first sentence in theeighth paragraph it should read “(including Patty Hussey,......)” not Patty Meyers.

It was moved by Geoff Wilson and seconded by Barbara Mighton that the minutes of the regular meeting held on March 12, 2019 be accepted as corrected/read. The motion passed unanimously with no abstentions.

Matters Requiring Decision

Approval of St. Luke's Garden Policy

Wayne Piper reminded the Vestry that at the March meeting he agreed to form a subcommittee to develop a draft policy regarding donations to the Meditation Garden. Shelly Morehead, Athena Koehler, Jim Morehead and Dave Proctor, all of whom worked on the Meditation Garden in 2018 served as the subcommittee.

Wayne distributed copies of the draft policy for review. It was recommended that the title notinclude the word “Meditation” and that an “s” be added to the word Garden. The new title of the policy now reads “Vestry Policy for Enhancement and Maintenance of St. Luke's Gardens”. It was alsonoted that the word “adopted” should replace the word “adapted”. The Vestry noted that the policy wasinclusive without being complicated.

It was moved by Barbara Mighton and seconded by Liz Barringer-Smith that the Policy for the Enhancement and Maintenance of St. Luke's Gardens by adopted. The motion passed unanimously

with no abstentions. It was recommended that the final policy should be included in the church newsletter.


Mission Share Reduction Meeting

Rev. Westfall and Senior Warden Michelann Scheetz provided an update on the meeting regarding St. Luke's request to reduce our mission shared. A meeting to discuss the amount of our mission share was held on April 6, 2019 at St. Luke's. Representing the Diocese were David Robinson and Rev. A. J. Stack. Rev. Westfall, Michelann Scheetz, Shelly Morehead, Wayne Piper, Dixon Miller and Patty Hussey represented St. Luke's. Two representatives from the Diocese also participated via a speaker phone.

The representatives of the Diocese carefully listened and were very complimentary of the package of financial information that had been compiled by the church in support of requesting a reduction in our mission share. Those participating felt that it was a positive experience. They found the Diocese representatives to be cordial and respectful and the information provided by St. Luke's seemed to provide good details about where we stand currently, and how we are addressing our financial situation. The discussion included information about our newly established Task Forces.

After considering the information, the Dioceses representatives agreed to recommend to the Council at their June meeting that St. Luke's mission shared be reduced from 12.36% to 6% for a period of one year. 6% is currently the lowest mission share percentage paid by any church in the Diocese and would be a substantial reduction in this line item in our budget. The Council must approve any changes in the mission share.

As part of the discussion, it was noted that the Diocese has a Deacon who can do an energy audit on churches and church buildings (Parish House). Wayne volunteered to contact that individual and pursue an energy audit for St. Luke's parish.

Regular Business
Transitional Priest in Charge Report

Rev. Doris Westfall distributed copies and reviewed copies of her report with the Vestry. The report read as follows:

Transitional Priest in Charge Report

April 9, 2019

Task Force recruitment continues for most of the groups. All task forces will likely be

smaller than originally envisioned. Each will have 3 or 4 members rather than the 5 or 6 that

was hoped for. There are four on the Marketing Task Force (Wayne Piper, Ginny Sharkey,

Dorota Kendrick and Henry Zaborniak) and two meetings have been held. Fundraising is planning a

Low Country Boil for October 19 at Denison. Shayne Miller is coordinating this event and will be

asking other men in the congregation to help with it. The Long-Term Financial Planning task force has

Bill Wilken and Steve Layman on it. I am awaiting commitments from two other individuals to round it

out. While the other task forces are important, these three need to begin their work and be meeting

before the new rector comes on board. The Long- Term Financial Planning, Fundraising, Membership

Engagement and Stewardship could all benefit from working with Greg Sharkey on financial gift


I continue to meet weekly with the Episcopal Denison students for lunch as well as have a

weekly conference call with other interim ministers across the country and a bi-weekly clergy

colleague group that I skype into.

On March 31 our first one service Sunday that has been named Faith, Food, and Fellowship

Sunday, saw 81 in attendance. As that was also spring break for Granville, the attendance was lower

than it would be otherwise. More than half stayed behind to participate in the food and fellowship and

it was a nice event. The next Fifth Sunday Faith, Food, Fellowship dates are June 30 (Bishop

Briedenthal's visitation), September 29, and December 29.

April 6 was the meeting with the Diocesan Council Mission Review Committee. They were

very complimentary about the package that was put together and about all that St. Luke's does in the

area of outreach and mission. The recommendation will be made to Diocesan Council that there be a

one-year reduction of our Mission Share Review percentage from 12.36 to 6 - the least any diocesan

church pays in its mission share. That will mean a $27,000 reduction this year bringing our mission

share to $18,000. The budgeted amount was $10,000 so while it is much less than normal it is still

$8,000 more than budgeted. A final decision will be made at the June Diocesan Council meeting, but

they do not believe that will be a problem. They recommended paying our regular assessment until that


The audit is scheduled for May 11th from 8:30-12:00. Twelve to fifteen volunteers are needed. The vestry historically has taken a large role in this as the leaders of the congregation. If everyone can make it, that means only three additional volunteers need to be found.

Preparations for Palm Sunday and Holy Week continue. There will be regular service times

on Palm Sunday and Easter. There will be a Palm Sunday breakfast hosted by the Layman's and

Bob Karaffa. Stations of the Cross will be held on Wednesday led by Deacon Mary Raysa.

Eucharist and foot washing with the vigil afterward on Maundy Thursday. Good Friday will

have the Ecumenical Cross Walk starting at St. Ed's at 10:45 am., the Proper Liturgy for Good Friday

at 12:30 pm., and Lessons and Carols for the Passion at 7:30 pm. Easter Vigil will be celebrated at

8:15 pm. Sundown is at 8:13 pm.

The next Vestry meeting will be Tuesday, May 14 at 7:00 pm.

Doris opened the meeting for discussion of the information in her report and any questions. It

was noted that the Low Country Boil will, appropriately, be the day before St. Luke's Day. Also, the

Marketing Task Force is considering doing a short survey (possibly 3 questions) with the parish.

There was also a brief discussion regarding branding.

Doris noted that Holy Week is an exceptionally busy time and encouraged Vestry members to

attend services as often as possible. She also reminded the Vestry that the May meeting of the Vestry

will be her last Vestry meeting. At that meeting she will provide an end report. Also, the Vestry will

be responsible for reviewing her work at the church. Doris will send out questions to the Vestry

members to be completed prior to the meeting.

Knowing that some of our members may be moving, Doris shared that there is a service of

leave taking. This is as an excellent way to say good-bye to those who have been a part of our parish

and should be considered when a parish member is moving away.

Senior Warden's report

Michelann Scheetz reported that we are awaiting the check from the Diocese for our recently approved loan. These funds will be used to pay off our existing loan with Park National Bank.

She noted that she already has supply priests in place for June and is hopeful that the work of the discernment team will be successful. When the times comes, a committee will develop the compensation package for the person who will become our new rector. In the discussion it was noted that in some Dioceses the Canon for Transition negotiates the benefits package for the new rector sothat there is not the potential for an “adversarial” situation between the Senior Warden and the new Rector at the onset of their working together.

Junior Warden's Report

Wayne spoke w/Molly Prasher, the Clerk of Council and Executive Assistant to the Village Manager, regarding re-landscaping the area between the Meditation Garden Wall and the parking lot. Someone from the village has been out to take measurements and is suggesting evening up the edge ofthe parking lot to make it parallel with the garden wall and then laying down a “pathway” of gravelmatching the gravel in the garden. If this plan is approved, the work might not begin until the blacktop on the parking lot becomes more malleable.

  • Steve Mighton has shared his drawings of the Undercroft with Chris Lucas-Miller and is waiting for him to run a diagnostic program that will determine the best positions for the sound baffling panels in the Undercroft.

  • Bill Wilken advises that the column in the sanctuary will be repaired and painted before Palm Sunday. He's also working on the stonework beneath the time capsule in the hallway.

  • Mark Moeller has repainted the sign in front of the church.

  • HV/AC service coming out tomorrow.

  • Contractor calls?

    • Hole in SW corner of the church eaves

    • Loose gutter S side of Parish House

    • Leakage on W side of Parish House

    • Mortar work on the front knee wall

      Committee reports

      Because of the length of the important discussions and the need to address additional agenda items, it was requested that any committee reports that did not have urgent matters be held until the May meeting. All agreed to do so.

      Old Business

      Fund Raising

      At the March 12 meeting, during the discussion of the Financial Report, it was noted that some members have a general recollection that some time ago the Vestry established a fund-raising policy.

Kim Zaborniak volunteered to review the minutes to see if she could locate the specific wording of an amendment regarding external fund raising.

Kim reported that she had reviewed the minutes from 2001- 2007. One of the things that she noted was that many things were repeated every month without resolution. Kim distributed to each Vestry member some highlights from the minutes from 2003 to 2006.

After reviewing the handout, the Vestry members discussed the need for a Policies and Procedures manual. Rev. Westfall noted that she asked Marsha Hanes, former parish administrator, for her assistance in pulling together all the documentation for the manual. The plan is that there will be three copies of the manual: 1) the Rector, 2) the office and 3) the Vestry. This project has been ongoing since Doris arrived. Among all that has been gathered, a policy stating that all money raised in external fund raising must go to outreach has not been found.

It was noted that St. Luke’s has always been very generous in our support of outreach projects. Pat Ford shared that in the past the parish held a “Bane and Blessing” sale. At that time items weredonated so that they might be sold to raise funds for the church. Geoff Wilson talked about what was going on at that time and the projection that the growth of the parish would result in an increase in operating funds. It was noted with interest that many issues seem to resurface throughout the years.

It appears that while there was discussion in the past about the allocation of funds raised through external fund-raising events, there does not appear to be a formal policy. If this is the case, the Vestry does not need to consider the possible amendment of a policy. Doris noted that sometimeschurches take an “either/or” perspective when in fact “either/and” may also be possible, In this case, it may be possible to have an external fundraiser (see Minutes from March 12, 2019 regarding some of the ideas being considered) to support the operation of the church and to designate a percentage of the income from fund raisers for outreach.

Doris asked for any additional items to come before the Vestry. Hearing none, she asked for a motion to adjourn.

The meeting adjourned at 8:18 pm ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Looking Forward:April 14

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The Way of the Cross 7:30 pm
Eucharist and Foot Washing 7:30 pm with Vigil following Cross Walk 10:45 am from St. Edward's Church
Proper Liturgy Noon
Lessons & Carols for Passiontide 7:30 pm
Easter Vigil 8:15 pm
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Memorial Day Weekend
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Granville High School Graduation

Bishop Breidenthal Visitation

Respectfully submitted,

Dave Proctor, Clerk of the Vestry

Lara Benschoter