September 10, 2019

The Episcopal Dioceses of Southern Ohio
St. Luke's Church Granville, Ohio
Call Meeting of the Vestry 

Date: September 10, 2019 
Present: Father Michael Ralph, Michelann Scheetz, Pat Ford, Wendy Flowers, Karen Dowdy-Fullin, Brad Koehler, Barbara Mighton, Dixon Miller, Patty Myers, Liz Barringer-Smith, Geoff Wilson and Kim Zaborniak
Excused: Galen Kendrick and Wayne Piper

Opening Prayer 
Father Michael opened the meeting by sharing a prayer for the parish family from the Book of Common Prayer.  

Quorum Declared
Vestry convened at 7:00 pm and a quorum was declared.

Approval of Minutes
Dave Proctor reported that he had received a correction to the minutes from Kim Zaborniak.  On page 3, under building and grounds, the thirds sentence should read “A new challenge is that some of the sound proofing material is (ticker) thicker than anticipated.”. It was moved by Kim Zaborniak and seconded by Barbara Mighton that the minutes of the August 20, 2019  meeting be approved as corrected.  The motion passed unanimously with no abstentions. 

Items for Vestry Approval
There were no items that required Vestry approval. 

Regular Business

Rector's Report
Father Michael began his report be sharing a brief update on the many projects that are nearing completion on his family's new home. He noted that the first meeting of the Canterbury Club will be this Thursday and that he is now an Adjunct Professor at Denison University. He also noted that the new Program Year kicks off this coming Sunday, September 15, 2019. 

Father Michael reported that he is going to initiate a new Saturday evening Mass that will be a healing service. The first Saturday night service will be held on October 19, 2019. The organ will not be used for this service but we will use the piano. The service, which will be  held at 5:00 pm, will be a contemplative, meditative service that will be about forty (40) minutes long. Father Michael noted that this will not involve additional responsibilities for the Altar Guild since he will be responsible for resetting the altar for the 8:00 am Sunday service. 

Senior Warden's Report
Michelann Scheetz began her report by reminding the Vestry that St. Luke's Oktoberfest is coming up, and she hoped that many of the Vestry members could attend. Registration is currently at 65 which means there are only ten (10) more tickets available. She noted that she continues to meet each week with Father Michael and that much of her time is also devoted to responding to e-mails. Michelann is also the Chair of the Altar Guild and was happy to announce that Elizabeth Thomas has volunteered to serve on the Altar Guild. She will be assigned to work with Karen Dowdy-Fullin's team. 

Junior Warden's Report
There was no report. 

Vestry Liaison Reports 
Patty Myers noted that she is the chair of the Membership Committee and that Barbara Mighton is the Vestry liaison to the committee. The committee is collecting items for our six (6) college freshmen this year. Patty also encouraged including a personal note to the students. She also reported that the first Wise Women of St. Luke's gathering will be the first Friday in October. 

Michelann Scheetz reported that the kick off for the Stewardship Campaign will be held Thursday evening, October 17, 2019. It will take place in the upstairs of the Parish House (Note: the location was subsequently changed to the Undercroft). The evening will include appetizers and beverages. 

The kick off is being planned as an after work event and will be held from 6:00 – 8:00 pm. The entire parish is invited. Michelann asked Kim Zaborniak to contact John Gustafson to coordinate the plans for the event and additionally asked the entire Vestry to assist Kim. The Vestry asked if there will be child care available?  At present, there are no plans for child care, but this will be explored. 

New Business

Budget update
Michelann Scheetz had sent out the budget reports electronically prior to the meeting and additional printed copies were available for this meeting. Dixon Miller summarized the status of the church budget. He noted that based upon the August figures (which are the latest figures available) it is a good/bad situation.  The overall takeaway is that the church is doing a good job of sticking to the budget and that operating expenses are only slightly higher than the previous year. The income from pledges is up but the amount collected that was not in pledges is down significantly. The church is at the 66th percent of the fiscal year and the non pledges are only at 28%. Michelann Scheetz noted that the Fiance Committee is constantly reviewing the income and expense reports. 

It was moved by Geoff Wilson and seconded by Kim Zaborniak that the financial reports be approved as presented. The motion passed unanimously with no abstentions. 

Seek No Further Cider
Father Michael provided a report on a business, Seek No Further Cider Co., which is hoping to open a cidery in the barn-like building behind the Gerald Bancroft house that faces Elm Street. One of the owners of the potential business, Chris Crader, visited Father Michael to discuss the plans for the cidery. Mr. Crader also said that he would be glad to discuss the plans with the Vestry and to address any potential concerns or objections. In addition, Mr. Crader also offered to provide a walking tour of the site to help all feel comfortable with the proposal. 

A copy of the letter that was sent by Chris Crader and others to Father Michael was sent electronically to the Vestry prior to the meeting. The letter discussed how the concept for a cidery in this location was developed and the operating plans. In the letter Mr. Crader addressed the hours of operation and noted that, “ We anticipate being closed on Sundays except for private events and then would work around the hours and needs of the Church”. The proposed location is surrounded by the  parking  lot which is to the south east of the church. In the letter, the owners stress that “We want to be great neighbors in a great neighborhood.”

The Vestry discussed the proposal and no objections to the proposal were raised. 

Old Business
The Vestry again discussed the possibility of decreasing the size of the Vestry. The Nominating Committee will need to know how many positions need to be filled. Questions arose about how the Vestry might enact a change in the size of the membership. It was noted that having a smaller Vestry is not necessarily a bad thing. Father Michael shared some very surprising statistics about Episcopal Churches. The average Average Sunday Worship Attendance (ASA) is 53! The percentage of parishes having an ASA over 100 is 4%! A question arose about whether attendance at the new Saturday evening service would be included in our ASA. The answer is that it will be included. 

The Vestry discussed the upcoming Chili Cook Off on September 21 at the Granville Inn. We have participated in that past but, to date, no one has shown an interest in taking the lead to enter a team from St. Luke's Church. 

Michelann Scheetz stressed the importance of ensuring that all event dates and times, such as meetings, are listed on the master calendar which is located in the Parish House behind Dagny's desk. 

There was no additional business to come before the Vestry. 

Father Michael closed the meeting by charging those present to “Go in Peace to Love and Serve the Lord”. 

The meeting adjourned at 7:48 pm.

Looking Forward 

September 14 Oktoberfest

September 15 Return to three services/ Program Year begins

2:00 pm Service at Kendal followed by meet and greet

October newsletter deadline

September 27-29 Big Red Weekend

September 29 10:00 am One Service Sunday

October 5 Blessing of the Animals 

October 8 Vestry meeting 

Lara Benschoter