*Sunday, July 2, 2017
Kick off of the Ingathering of School Supplies through August 6

We’ll kick off the ingathering of school supplies on Sunday, July 2, and complete the collection on Sunday, August 6.  By spreading the collection of supplies over several weeks, we hope to give members who are traveling or on vacation the opportunity to contribute.  The plan is to deliver supplies to Ben Franklin Elementary, the elementary school that serves the same community as Market Street Pantry, and let the teachers and staff decide how items should be distributed.

Two colorful tubs will be at St. Luke’s into which supplies can be placed.  If you prefer to make a monetary donation, we are happy to shop for the items for you.  Please make your check out to St. Luke’s Church and put “school supplies” in the memo line.  On behalf of the many children who will benefit, thank you!

Boxes of Tissues             Crayons (24 count)             Colored Pencil Sets
Scissors                           #2 Pencils                             Dry Erase Markers
Zip Sandwich Bags        Glue Sticks
Zip Gallon Bags              Pencil Box/ Pouch