The New Garden is In!

After reviewing several landscape plans and quotes, the Property, Building and Grounds Committee decided on Albyn’s Landscape and Nursery to do the design and installation of the back garden.  The installation was finished just in time for Thanksgiving!

The plan includes 15 dwarf Arborvitae which surround the perimeter, 3 Viburnum (Carlesi) and 50 assorted perennials, including variegated Liriope, Purple Cone Flowers and Black-eyed Susan’s.  A sandstone edged, limestone gravel walkway will eventually lead to a memorial bench.  The plants are dormant now, but will provide continual blooms through out the spring and summer!

The project was funded by the generous donations from Dan Leavell and Beverly Gage’s Memorial Funds.  We thank Sarah Leavell and Leon Gage for their gracious support!

Property, Building & Grounds Committee