Parishioner In The News…
NEWARK – Karen Goodell loved spending time outside as a child.

(Original article posted in the Newark Advocate)

Growing up in a country area of Massachusetts her family had a garden, made maple syrup and raised bees. She did cross country skiing. Her father and grandmother were amateur bird watchers. 

That love of the outdoors led Goodell to pursue a career in science, specifically in biology.

But as a professor in the department of evolution, ecology and organismal biology at Ohio State University at Newark, Goodell doesn’t get to spend as much time outside as she thought she would as a child.

She realized she loves other aspects of science as well.

“Probably my favorite aspect of being a scientist is being able to really ask questions and have a chance to answer them in a rigorous scientific way,” she said. “There’s a creative aspect of that, that I really love.” 

While she doesn’t spend as much time outside during the school year, her summers are spent doing research, mostly at The Wilds in Cumberland, Ohio.

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