Tuesday, Jan 23, 2018

7:00pm – 8:30pm

Not In God’s Name Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

In this powerful and timely book, one of the most admired and authoritative religious leaders of our time tackles the phenomenon of religious extremism and violence committed in the name of God.

If religion is perceived as being part of the problem, Rabbi Sacks argues, then it must also form part of the solution. When religion becomes a zero-sum conceit—i.e., my religion is the only right path to God, therefore your religion is by definition wrong—and when individuals are motivated by what Rabbi Sacks call “altruistic evil,” violence between peoples of different beliefs appears to be the inevitable outcome. But through an exploration of the roots of violence and its relationship to religion, and employing groundbreaking Biblical analysis and interpretation, Rabbi Sacks shows that religiously inspired violence has as its source misreadings of Biblical texts at the heart of all three Abrahamic faiths. Here is an eloquent call for people of goodwill from all faiths and none to stand together, confront the religious extremism that threatens to destroy us all, and declare: Not in God’s Name.

Contact Wayne Piper (wwp1946@gmail.com) if you need a copy of this month’s book.

Meets in the Undercroft, 7:00 pm.

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St. Luke\’s Undercroft, 107 East Broadway
Granville, OH, 43023

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