“Coffee: Grounds for Discussion” meets in the Undercroft each Sunday morning during the program year between the 9:15 and 11:00 am services. 

Past sessions have hosted a variety of speakers both from St. Luke’s clergy, the broader community of Granville, and organizations within central Ohio.  Coffee and light refreshments are provided.  Members of the congregation are invited to volunteer as presenters or to suggest speakers whom they would like to hear.  

March 4, 2018
The Crucial Piece We Christians Lost
Speaker: Jack Bowers

There are two seminal, crucial experiences in Judaean history, both of which, together, shaped Jesus’ religious experience. The first was the “Exodus.” We have figured that carefully into our Christianity, into our thinking (i.e., doctrine), into our liturgical experiences (i.e., the centrality of Holy Week, and the Eucharist and Good Friday), and into our religiosity (i.e., spiritual pilgrimage). The second was the “Exile,” which we Christians have sedulously ignored, but which was as formative (perhaps even more so) of Jesus’ spirituality as the “Exodus.” Together they shaped what Jesus and Paul lived, and what they have bequeathed to us. But without understanding the place of the Exile in our religious history we have misinterpreted both what they handed down to us, and how we ought to live it out. 

At the coffee hour on February 25, and March 4, Jack Bowers will offer an introduction to this crucial but lost part of our spiritual pilgrimage. On February 25, he will lead us through an experience of the Book of Esther which is set during the Babylonian Exile (it’s in the Bible, but we adamantly ignore it, even refusing to include it in our readings and studies), and on March 4, we will plumb together the Exile’s meaning and significance to your spiritual life. Please arrive promptly and prepared to delve.

March 11, 2018
Radon Dangers in the Home and Its Abatement
Speaker: Dr. Richard J. Baltisberger, University of North Dakota, Department of Chemistry, Retired

Radon is an alpha particle emitting gas released from uranium in granite under the ground.   Radon is present in the outside air everywhere, but the level is of no danger.   The level where lung cancer is a danger when this gas is trapped in our homes. I will discuss how one can monitor the gas in their home and what techniques are available for its removal.   I spent five years working with similar radioactive elements for the AEC prior to going to teach at the University of North Dakota.   

March 18, 2018
Mental Health America of Licking County 101
Speaker: Penny Sitler, Executive Director

Mental Health America of Licking County provides prevention education, support and advocacy for people with mental health issues and we work to improve the county’s mental health. What does that mean exactly? Did you know that one in five American adults every year experience a mental health concern? Let Penny share with you MHA’s role in addressing those concerns and how the agency helps our community.

March 25, 2018
Palm Sunday