All children, ages Pre K through High school, join us for snack, crafts and fun activities in the Parish House Sundays from 10:00 – 11:00 am.  

Join us for January Lessons, during Epiphany we will explore lessons about Outsiders throughout the Bible. 

January Lessons:
1/7 – Epiphany – The Wise Men Worship the Baby Jesus
Bible Story: Matthew 2:1-12 – “Outsiders” (the Magi) also recognized Jesus as a King

1/14 – The Wise Men Return Home and Mary and Joseph and the Baby Jesus Flee to Egypt 
Bible Story: Matthew 2:7-16 – Very early in his life, Jesus is forced to become an Outsider 

1/14 – NO CHURCH SCHOOL due to Meet-in-the-Middle

1/21- The Boy Jesus in the Temple with the Elders 
Bible Story: Luke 2:39-52 – Jesus knows how important it is to spend time learning about God 

1/28 – Jesus’ Ancestor Ruth, an Outsider, Finds Favor with Boaz (and with God!) 
Bible Story: Ruth 2:1-3, 8-12; 4:13-17 – Jesus’ Ruth was a foreigner, and outsider, who found favor with God. She was the grandmother of King David and an ancestor of Jesus.