Prayer Group & Prayer Chain Ministry

We, at St. Lukes, believe in the healing power of prayer. Praying for our own needs and those of others deepens the relationship with God and the entire Body of Christ.

There are two established prayer ministry opportunities for those feeling called to serve in this Ministry.

PRAYER GROUP:  A group of several parishioners who pray every week for the entire congregation on five consecutive days of each week.  The week is divided into five groups of parishioners from lists sent to the group leader by Marsha Hanes at the office every Monday.  It is then emailed to the group members. As new parishioners join the church, they are added to the lists and a new list for that day is sent to the leader and then to the members of the group. The group also prays for the list that is located at the back of the church for people that are in special need and is read at the Wednesday healing service.

PRAYER CHAIN.  A group of parishioners who pray for special and emergent needs as they come up.  (i.e., a sudden surgery, an accident, etc.)  The group members are informed by the leader who has been requested either by the person needing the prayers or Rev. Applegate.  This is not a long lasting prayer list but only for a day or two as the need and request arises.  If further prayers are wanted they can request to be added the prayer list in the back of the church.

If you would like to join this lay ministry and/or have someone you would like to add to the Prayer Group or Prayer Chain please contact the leader below.

Ministry’s Lay Leader :
Yvette Harklau



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