Eucharistic Visitors

A Eucharistic Visitor’s primary role is sacramental in nature. You become an extension of the entire Body of Christ as you take the consecrated elements from either a Sunday worship service or the Wednesday healing service to the homebound, infirmed, and those unable to attend regular worship services at St. Lukes.

The Eucharistic Visitor leaves directly from the service symbolizing a sign of the whole community’s care for those unable to come to church, offers a sacramental connection, and nurtures a continued relationship with the faithful.

Eucharistic Visitors is also a ministry of presence, healing, and hope. God is using you to share His love and offer a foretaste of the Heavenly Banquet.

Visitations are once a month and generally thirty to forty five minutes in length.

The Diocese does require Safe Church Training certification. There is also some local training involved by the clergy.



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