Mission: To engage with organizations and community groups, locally and globally, whose goals match the priorities of the St. Luke’s community, and to provide financial, spiritual and volunteer support to help them succeed in helping the children of God.



Market Street Pantry
37 ½ South Fourth Street  •  Newark, OH 43055  •  Phone Number 345-7649


Sunday, March 12, 2017 Is The Day Of Change

On Sunday, March 12, we “spring ahead.”  Set your clocks forward one hour before retiring on Saturday night.  We all lose that hour of sleep we gained back in November.

In addition to setting your clocks forward one hour, remember to change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.  And then, finally, take the loose change that’s been accumulating on top of your dresser, or empty that special jar where you put your pocket money at the end of the day, or scoop out the coins in the bottom of your purse.  Bring all of your loose change to church on March 12 and put it in the kettle in the church narthex.   All proceeds are donated to the Food Pantry Network of Licking County!

It’s the “Day of Change” – for clocks and for all those who will receive food as the result of St. Luke’s generosity. ~ Father A


St. Luke’s Outreach Overview:

Here’s a brief snapshot of the work of Outreach at St. Luke’s in 2014 – we are always feeding, housing and healing!

Monthly: Market Street Pantry and St. Vincent’s Meal-A-Month Ministries

& throughout the year …

January: Feed the Dream (onedayoneton.com)
February: Shrove Tuesday
March: Day of Change
April: Operation Feed
October: CROP Walk
November: Day of Change & Granville Turkey Trot
December: Soup Mixes & Angel Tree

The Outreach Committee also has a goal to give away at least 10% of St. Luke’s operating income each year. The group reaches this goal through grant funding as well as communicating the service work St. Luke’s members do each day throughout the parish and the surrounding community. In 2014, Outreach funded a number of efforts, including the following:

6th Street and Growing (6th Street Garden)
Coalition of Care
Faith Mission
Food Pantry Network of Licking County
Healing Arts Mission
Newborns in Need
Open Door Community
St. Vincent Haven