Choristers FAQ

My child likes to sing, but has never had any music lessons. Can he or she still audition?

Yes! All that is needed is a love of music and a willingness to learn!

My/our family goes to church sometimes, but it’s not an Episcopal church. Does that matter and are we expected to attend if our child participates in the program?

It does not matter if you are not members of the Episcopal Church. In fact, even if your family doesn’t go to church, your child can still participate. It isn’t a requirement that parents come to church; but remember, it will be important for you to show interest in your child’s development by coming to some services and hearing him or her sing.

What if we need to miss a Sunday or rehearsal because we are away?

A full-year schedule is issued in the late summer. It is not a problem to miss a service or rehearsal occasionally. However, choristers are expected to attend rehearsals and services regularly. We work with parents to be sure that we are aware in advance of Sunday and rehearsal absence for family travel and other things. We want the choristers to have well-rounded lives, so some juggling of the choir commitment is inevitable.

Frequently asked questions by potential Choristers

This program sounds like a lot of work. Is it fun?

Yes, this program requires a lot of work. However, the rewards are great. Not only do you become a better musician, but you learn teamwork. And we certainly have fun as well! Choir fun days, where we go to the movies, bowling, or plan other fun activities, all help to make the work both worthwhile and fun!

I am involved in lots of other activities. Do I still have time to be a chorister?

Maybe not. Coming to the weekly rehearsals is not optional, and choristers may not be excused for long periods of time to participate in other activities. Talk with your parents and decide if this is an activity for which you are willing to make time.

I don’t really like going to church. Is that the only place the choir sings?

No, it’s not the only place, but it is the main place. You may find that singing in the choir makes church feel very different. You are a leader in church when you’re in the choir and your voice helps to inspire all those people who come to church on Sunday morning to sing with confidence.

Why do we wear choir robes (also called vestments)?

Because we are worship leaders, we don’t want to draw attention to each individual member, but to the choir as a group. That is why we dress alike! When choristers are vested, it is a very impressive sight.

More information
For more information about the choir, please call Scott Hayes at the church office, 740-587-0167, or email