A garden is a living, growing thing, much like a church. A garden is dependent on things to sustain its growth, soil at its foundation firm around its roots, water to create food and sunshine to take that food and convert it into energy to move it upward to help it reach its full potential.

For the church, God’s word is our firm foundation; our water is the fellowship that we share with one another, ever flowing in and out and around, sharing our lives with one another, feeding and sustaining. Sunshine is the love of God pulling us ever upward to our full potential, showing us all the beauty that can be found in God’s light.

The garden at the rear of the church is also a growing, changing area. It used to be a somewhat secret garden with high walls and mature growth. There was a lovely maple tree and a sweet smelling purple lilac. When it all came down to reveal the back of the church that needed renovation, it was hoped that someday the garden would be restored. Well time has passed, and the wall is back, although somewhat shorter due to some necessary foundation adjustments. But perhaps our garden shouldn’t be kept a secret with high walls, after all Jesus wants us to share our beauty with the community around us.

In this winter season other changes have occurred too, there is new soil for new plantings, stone for a walkway and a new bench for sitting and admiring nature.  The funds for this endeavor have come from those in the congregation that had a great love for the church and for gardening. The friends and families of Bev Gage and Dan Lovell are looking forward to a garden space where they feel their loved ones would have enjoyed the presence of God.

As the cold and snow of winter melt away, we invite you to venture into the new garden space as well and experience the rebirth of your faith through the beauty of nature right here in our own backyard. 

What new directions will we take as our garden grows?

Athena Koehler
Vestry Member